• 01.08.2014 / A Memorial to Hugo Chavez to be erected in Minsk

    It is expected that the opening of the memorial will be held in September this year Read more »

  • 31.07.2014 / European Free Pyramid Championship to kick off in Minsk 31 July

    The European Free Pyramid Championship in billiard sport will take place at the Minsk Palace of Sports, Belarus on 31 July-3 August Read more »

  • 25.07.2014 / Belarusian MZKT eyeing Brazil, Argentina

    OAO Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MZKT for short) is considering the possibility of selling its products in Brazil and Argentina Read more »

  • 23.07.2014 / Minsk airport passenger numbers up 17.1% in H1 2014

    Passenger traffic through Minsk National Airports rose 17.1% in H1 2014 as compared to the same period a year earlier to a total of 1.060 million passengers Read more »

  • 16.07.2014 / Minsk companies penetrate six new markets in January-May

    As of 1 June 2014 Minsk-based companies cooperated with over 180 countries and exported to 109 destinations Read more »

  • 09.07.2014 / Belarusian companies to modernize Russia's Tver transport park

    Belarusian companies will put more efforts into modernizing the transport park of the Russian city of Tver Read more »

  • 25.07.2014 / Work on electrification of Minsk-Vilnius rail line to start in 2014

    Belarusian Railways will start electrifying the Belarusian section of the Minsk-Vilnius line by the end of the yearRead more »

  • 21.07.2014 / Icon and relics of St Sergius of Radonezh brought to Minsk

    The relic will be kept in the Holy Spirit Cathedral till 25 JulyRead more »

  • 09.07.2014 / Ten Centuries of Art in Belarus expo visited by about 24,000 people

    The exhibition will stay open till 10 JulyRead more »

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