• 19.05.2017 / Minsk and Riga have presented a joint bid for the World Hockey Championship in 2021

    Minsk and Riga are serious players on the European hockey map.  Read more »

  • 16.05.2017 / The sequence of Days of national cultures in the Upper City will end with the opening of a Republican Festival

    According to the information delivered to the “Minsk-Novosti” agency correspondent at the National Centre for National Cultures, a Republican Festival of National Cultures will be opened in conclusion of the Days of Cultures in the Upper City.   Read more »

  • 13.05.2017 / A new season of "Peshekhodka" opened in the Upper City

    A new season of the project "Peshekhodka" (concerts given by street musicians and performers) was opened in the Upper City on May 13, the correspondent of the agency "Minsk-Novosti" reports. This year over 100 groups of musicians and performers are taking part in it.   Read more »

  • 11.05.2017 / Stock non-food fair will be held on May 20-21

    The specialized stock fair of non-food products will be organized in Minsk on May 20 and 21.  Read more »

  • 05.05.2017 / Minsk bicycle carnival "Viva, rovar!" has received international status

    The second bicycle carnival "Viva, rovar!" will be held in Minsk on May 13.  Read more »

  • 04.05.2017 / Over 80 events will be dedicated to Victory Day in Minsk

    More than 80 festive events timed to Victory Day have been planned in the capital, the “Minsk-Novosti” agency correspondent was told in the Minsk City Executive Committee.  Read more »

  • 13.05.2017 / Minsk bicycle carnival "Viva Rovar – 2017" gathered more than 12 thousand participants

    The second Minsk bicycle carnival "Viva Rovar - 2017" which gathered more than 12 thousand amateur cyclists was held in the Belarusian capital on May 13, the correspondent of the agency "Minsk-Novosti" reports.  Read more »

  • 26.04.2017 / Hundreds of Minskers commemorated the victims of the Chernobyl tragedy

    A ceremony of laying wreaths and flowers dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy was held at the memorable signs "Akhviaram Charnobylia" (Victims of Chernobyl) and "The Worldstone of Hiroshima".  Read more »

  • 20.04.2017 / Delegation of Nizhny Novgorod Region of Russia laid a wreath to the Victory Monument

    A delegation of Nizhny Novgorod Region of the Russian Federation laid a wreath to the Victory Monument and flowers to the Eternal Flame on April 20, the “Minsk-Novosti” Agency correspondent reports.  Read more »

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