• 29.01.2015 / Belarusian MTZ eager to resume deliveries to Iraq

    Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ trademark) plans to resume vehicle deliveries to Iraq Read more »

  • 28.01.2015 / The exhibition "My name is Cuba" opened at the Museum of the City of Minsk (photo)

    In the exhibition halls of the Museum of the City of Minsk there has been a grand opening of the exhibition "My name is Cuba"  Read more »

  • 21.01.2015 / Five more stations of Minsk metro equipped with caterpillar-type stair lifts

    Caterpillar-type stair lifts of Italian firm Sherpa have appeared at the metro stations "Nemiga", "Ploshchad Lenina", "Moskovskaya", "Vostok" and "Pushkinskaya". Read more »

  • 20.01.2015 / BCCI Minsk Office to tap new markets in 2015

    The Minsk Office of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is planning to advance to new markets in 2015 Read more »

  • 20.01.2015 / China named Guest of Honor of Minsk Book Fair

    The Guest of Honor of the 22nd Minsk International Book Fair will be the People's Republic of China Read more »

  • 19.01.2015 / Minsk to host Eurasian forum of young scientists in December 2015

    The forum will be divided into three sections: material engineering, biosciences, and human and social sciences Read more »

  • 20.01.2015 / BRSM suggests creating consolidated youth budget

    The Year of Youth is a good reason for streamlining the legal framework and financial issuesRead more »

  • 12.01.2015 / High expectations for international book fair in Minsk

    The fair will take place in Minsk on 11-15 February, Book publishers and distributors from 25 countries are expected to take part in itRead more »

  • 08.01.2015 / President of the European Athletics Association welcomed the level of readiness of Minsk to host the Winter Championship of Europe in the halls

    Minsk has all the possibilities to arrange sporting events at the highest level. Read more »

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