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08 February 2017 → More than 9 thousand foreigners made labour contracts with Belarusian employers in Minsk in 2016

According to the information delivered to the "Minsk-news" agency correspondent in the Office of Citizenship and Migration of the Minsk City Executive Committee, in 2016 in Minsk labour contracts with Belarusian employers were concluded by 9186 foreigners.

"Of these, in particular, 5245 people are citizens of China, 1866 – Ukraine, 414 - Uzbekistan, 314 – Turkey, 186 - Lithuania, 149 - Azerbaijan, 140 - Georgia, 74 - Tajikistan, as well as residents of Serbia, Latvia, Turkmenistan, Iran, Moldova, the USA, Poland, Germany, Great Britain and other countries", said Inna Studenichnik, Acting Head of the Office of Citizenship and Migration of the Main Administration of Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee. "Most of them work in the construction sector - bricklayers, carpenters, concrete workers, fitters, erectors, etc. Some foreigners are heads of their own companies and enterprises, a small percentage of them are working in catering".

Also, 104 migrant workers were hired by educational institutions, 65 – by institutions of public health, 285 – by government sector enterprises.

During the year the Office of Citizenship and Migration prepared and issued to foreigners 10 475 special permits for labour activity in Belarus, denied to 1 990 migrant workers. More than 12 thousand permits were revoked in connection with the termination of contract relations with Belarusian employers.

The total amount of the state duty for the issue of special permits for the year amounted to 501,333 rubles.

News provided by "Minsk-News" Agency


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