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03 July 2017 → Parade in honor of Independence Day was held in Minsk

A military parade of the troops of the Minsk garrison and a passage of civil engineering equipment in honor of Independence Day took place in Minsk, the BelTA correspondent reports.

In total, about 3,500 servicemen were involved in the parade. 20 parade teams which were presented by the Minsk Suvorov Military School, the Military Academy, the Military Technical Faculty of the BNTU, etc., took part in the pedestrian column.

26 parade crews of modern combat equipment participated in the mechanized column. There were involved a total of 222 units of equipment. Among the equipment involved in the mechanized column there were T-72B tanks, BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, BTR-80 armored personnel carriers, “Bogatyr” cars, lightly armored vehicles “Kaiman”, vehicles with unmanned aerial complexes produced by the Minsk Plant of Wheeled Tractors, P-434 stations, 2S12B mortar complexes “Sani”., combat vehicles "Sturm", the multiple rocket fire system "Polonaise" and other military equipment.

As part of the air force, 58 aircraft participated in the parade: 26 helicopters and 32 aircraft. The civil engineering column was represented by 102 units, including BelJ cars, vehicles produced by the Minsk Tractor Plant, Gomselmash, and Amkodor.

BelTA photo

News provided by «Minsk-News» Agency


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