• 22.09.2021 / The Golden Ring of Belarusian Science is being created in Minsk. We tell the details

    Where is the “Golden Ring of Belarusian Science” located and what sculptures will be on the Walk of Fame for outstanding scientists?  Read more »

  • 22.09.2021 / Ecological trail "Forest Lake" appeared in the capital

    An educational and walking semi-circular ecological trail "Forest Lake" has opened in the capital's forest park Stepyanka  Read more »

  • 18.09.2021 / In the summer of 2022, events in the Upper Town are planned to continue

    From May to September, events were held in Minsk within the framework of the summer musical and tourist season.  Read more »

  • 15.09.2021 / More than 20 Belarusian cities, including Minsk, joined the European Mobility Week

    European Mobility Week will take place from 16 to 22 September and will end with the global Car-Free Day campaign.  Read more »

  • 12.09.2021 / Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Vladimir Kukharev on the Minsk Half Marathon: “Everyone has a good mood, positive emotions”

    Chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee Vladimir Kukharev, Sports Minister Sergey Kovalchuk shared their impressions of the Minsk Half Marathon which was held on September 12, the correspondent of the agency " Minsk-Novosti" reports.   Read more »

  • 10.09.2021 / New eco-trails were opened in Minsk for City Day and dozens of original benches were installed

    On the eve of City Day, several open ecological paths and dozens of new benches that organically complement the city space have become a real present for Minsk residents. Correspondents of the agency "Minsk-Novosti" walked along new routes and looked at the man-made masterpieces during the detour of the districts of the capital by a special commission of the Minsk City Executive Committee and the city administration.   Read more »

  • 18.09.2021 / The first autumn city agricultural fair took place at the Chizhovka- Arena

    The first central city agricultural fair was held on September 18 near the sports complex "Chizhovka- Arena", the correspondent of the agency "Minsk-Novosti" reports.  Read more »

  • 12.09.2021 / With a special feeling. Minsk hosts a festival of creativity of people with disabilities

    On September 12, the X city festival of creativity of people with disabilities "Mastatstva Zhyts , Tvaryts Mastatstva" is taking place in the Minsk City Palace of Culture, the correspondent of the agency "Minsk-Novosti" reports.  Read more »

  • 09.09.2021 / Recreation area "Zhara" opens in Chizhovka

    The opening ceremony of the recreation area “Zhara” in the Chizhovka residential area will take place on September 9  Read more »