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Year 2009 Declared the Year of Native Land in Belarus

The year 2009 has been declared the Year of Native Land in Belarus. The Decree to this effect was signed on 28 December by President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

The holding of the Year of Native Land will help preserve and increase the national intellectual and cultural assets, historical heritage and natural wealth of the country, the unique cultural traditions of the Belarusian people, educate the youth in the spirit of love of the Fatherland.

The theme of the Year fits organically with the crucial historic event, the celebration of the 65th anniversary of liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders, thus demonstrating the continuity of patriotic tendencies of the victors' generation, the preparedness of our contemporaries take care of their native land, build up its natural wealth, its intellectual and cultural treasures.

The Head of State tasked the Council of Ministers to approve the national plan of activities for holding in the year 2009 the Year of Native Land. The President also gave instructions to ensure due coordination between state bodies and other organizations with the view of accomplishing the plan. The Belarusian leader ordered other state management bodies, regional executive committees and Minsk City Executive Committee to prepare and accomplish respective branch-wise and region-wise plans.

Update date: 16.02.2009

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