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Report on the epidemical situation with tick-borne infections in Minsk

      The growth of dynamics of tick-borne infections is progressing on. The results of 2003 show 3 cases of tick-borne encephalitis (0,18 cases per 100.000 people) and 179 cases of tick-borne borreliosis (10,42 cases per 100.000), which exceeds the results of 2002 3 times. For the period of 5 month 0f 2004 40 cases of tick-borne borreliosis have been registered, 11 persons were hospitalized in the isolation hospital.
      5% of the patients named park zones of Minsk as supposed places of infection. Due to the data of the City centre of disinfection and stylization 42 persons who suffered from the ticks' bites were registered in April - May 2004, the figure is 1,5 times higher than analogue period of the last year.
      According the information of the entomological monitoring displays the increasing number of the ticks in the suburban recreational zones and in the city. Average annually index of the ixode ticks grew up from 0,6 to 0,7 in 2003, meanwhile the borrelia infection level lowered from 11,1% to 8,4%. The current year borrelia infected ixode ticks have been discovered by the entomologists of Minsk in the forest tracts adjacent to the recreational zone "Drozdy".
      In the following conditions it's vitally needful to take caution measures.
      When going for outside one should put on sport kind of clothes with tight glands on hands and legs. Don't forget about socks and head-dresses. Use of repellents and acaricides scaring ticks away is also recommended. Don't forget to scrutinize yourself and each other.
      If the tick adhered to body it's must be removed with all possible measures of precaution, without tearing out its proboscis. Best of all in the ambulatory. The victim should be examined by doctor-infectiologist from the local clinic.
      Express-diagnostics is available by the following addresses:
  • Minsk, P. Brovki str. 13, 101
  • Minsk, Plehanov str. 18 (tel. 295-95-80)
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