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The Construction of the National Library of Belarus
In the middle of the XIX th century the province library existed in Minsk. It contained in its depositaries more than 900 issues in Russian, private library and two permanent book-shops.
In 1921 the University was founded in the Belorussian capital together with a library. In 1926 it was reorganized into an independent institution - the Belorussian State Library - and removed into a new building in Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, constructed in the style of the Soviet Constructivism by the project of the architect Georgi Lavrov. It became one of the first library buildings in the USSR.
Today the library's funds dispose about 8 million documents, 85% in a unique copy. The library funds are growing on 2.00.000 books annually. On average it's visited by 8.000 persons daily. The total number of its reader achieves 37,5 thousand people.
The construction of the new "Spiritual Treasury" of the Belorussians was initiated in 2002 in F. Skoriny av.
The main book depositary of the country will be equipped with the best information technologies.
In his speech directed to the architects the President of the Republic of Belarus called them to do their best and apply all efforts for the inauguration of the library to its first readers by September 1, 2005. For today the design and construction activities are going ahead strictly according to the schedule.
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