Service Telephone
Emergency 101
Police 102
Ambulance 103
"Mingas" Emergency 104, 294-12-27, 299-29-20
Contact Center of Minsk City Housing and Communal Services (reception of applications from the public on issues of the Housing and Communal Services; calling for the city emergency service) 115
Minsk City Executive Committee (officer on duty) 165
Vileika-Minsk water system 294-28-05
Minsk City Health Care Committee 222-10-00
Unitary Enterprise "Mingorsvet" (street lighting) 227-32-10, 227-43-16
Minskvodoprovod (water-supply) 227-13-23, 226-16-23
Minskochistvod (sewers) 227-60-27, 233-91-36
Unitary Enterprise "Minskkommunteploset" (central heating) 290-80-98, 267-88-88
Republican Unitary Enterprise "Minskenergo" (officer on duty) 218-43-52
‘Information’ of the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Minskenergo" (power supply) 218-43-09
"Minsk Heating System", Branch of  the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Minskenergo" 298-27-27,
State Enterprise" Minsk City Television Networks" 231-04-05
Branch " Minsk Cable Networks"(To be applied in the event of disconnection on a mass scale
(dwelling-house, apartment, residential area); in the event of single disconnection to apply to the
local housing and communal services unit (ZHES) or to the person on duty in
the State Production Association "Minsk City Housing Services"
284-39-84, 288-16-04
Telephone network 252-33-34, 251-14-47
Unitary Enterprise "Urban Emergency Service" 292-22-13, 292-25-68
Round-the-clock technical assistance and evacuation of vehicles СПАС (SPAS) 001 135, 236-30-01, 236-50-01

Elevator Emergency Service: (JSC "Liftservis")

Service Telephone
Moskovsky, Oktyabrsky, Frunzensky Districts 277-07-39, 277-23-89, 8 029 331-04-88
Tsentralny District 234-83-22
Zavodskoy, Leninsky, Partizansky, Pervomaisky, Sovetsky Districts 234-50-24

Unitary Enterprise "Minsk Television Networks"

Service Telephone
Reception 296-66-22
Chief Engineer 296-64-52
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