Victory Square

In 1954 a magnificent monument to the soldiers and partisans, to all the citizens of Belarus who died in the fight against fascism during the war was erected in the centre of the square. The obelisk is 38 meters high. It is faced with grey granite and it is crowned by the image of the Order of Victory. The four faces of the pedestal of the obelisk are decorated with bronze goreliefs. On both sides of the ceremonial site there are twelve bollards filled with the soil from hero-cities.

On 3 July 1961 an eternal flame was lit in Victory Square. Under Victory Square, in the annular passage for pedestrians there is a memorial hall which was opened in 1985 on the eve of the 40th Anniversary of Great Victory. In the centre there is a wreath of Fame made of cast glass. On the memorial wall of the hall there are bronze plates with 566 names of Heroes of the Soviet Union who died in the years of the Great Patriotic War.

At present Victory Square is the place in Minsk where people come to honor the memory of millions of people who perished during the Second World War.

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