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25 December 2014 → The Fair "New Year Padarunak!" was held in Minsk

The Central citywide fair "New Year Padarunak!" was held in Minsk.

"Minsk-news" agency reporters took a dive into the midst of the festivities.

Though it was a day off and despite the vagaries of weather, many residents of the capital came to the fairground early in the morning. Here Santa Claus was entertaining small citizens of Minsk with all kinds of sweets - kids were given candies for reciting Christmas poems. As for adults, they were entertained with lively songs coming from the stage. In the midst of the festive celebration there appeared dozens of Santa Clauses and Snow Maidens on the horizon who were accompanied by a retinue of fairy-tale characters. As it turned out, the fair "New Year Padarunak!" was the finish stage of the traditional pageantry of the main characters of the New Year holiday. And soon all those present were in for a surprise – a bright snow show from the fairy Metelitsa with a blizzard and white balloons. One could see great delight not only in the eyes of rosy-cheeked kids: under the guidance of Father Frost all adults sang songs, danced, passed snow from the scene to the elegant beauty-tree, congratulated each other on the coming New Year.

"Great work!", says Valery, who came to the Fair with his grandson Vanyusha. "I am not sorry we didn't stay at home but brought our grandson here. The weather, of course, could be much better, but it is not a hindrance to fun and good mood! I wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all citizens of Minsk!"




















After the snow extravaganza many kids accompanied by adults stomped toward the vast magical mailbox labeled "Mail Santa Claus." Since almost all the young residents of the capital had already written letters with their wishes and sent them by regular mail to Santa Claus they dropped their sheets with the words of warm Christmas and New Year greetings to all-all-all into the Fair box that on the New Year's Eve will sound in the air of "Radio-Minsk". Little Lera had also written her best wishes on the magic sheet and dropped her congratulation to big and small residents of the city into the magic box.

"I have sent my letter to Santa Claus", said the young resident of Minsk. "I've asked him to give me a box of paints", she added.


Meanwhile, not far from the main holiday tree there was a long line of people who on the New Year's Eve wanted to buy the most tradable goods – fir-trees. At the Central Christmas Bazaar at Pobediteley ave., 4, they offer trees of different heights at prices ranging from 70 thousand rubles. It is worthy of note that they are also sold by Santa Claus.





Well, behind the counter of the Fair booths there was either Santa Claus or Snow Maiden. And certainly, with treats for the kids too.

The Minsk International Christmas Festival is in full swing too. On the shelves of the 15 trade chalets of Litovsky Dvorik (Lithuanian Yard) one can find felting products, souvenir pottery, amber, forged products, Christmas decorations. Of course, tasty treats for guests: corporate Lithuanian soup cooked over a fire in a great big pot, freshly roasted peanuts and other delicacies can also be found here. The visitors of the Festival are entertained with all these delicacies by both domestic and Russian participants of the fair. The Russian participants of the fair entertain the visitors with Tula gingerbread with hot tea from a wood-burning samovar too.





Photo by Sergey Sheleg

News provided by "Minsk-News" Agency


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