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28 February 2018 → Exhibition "The Art of the Brick. Art of Lego" has been opened in Minsk

On February 28, in the shopping center "Galleria Minsk" there was held a grand opening of the exhibition "The Art of the Brick. Art Lego", the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency correspondent reports.

The exposition has already been seen by millions of visitors in the US, France, Australia, Italy, Germany. Its author Nathan Sawaya is a well-known artist from New York. His expositions have been held in museums and galleries around the world, including New York, Hollywood and Paris. He was the first to transform Lego from a toy into an art object, using cubes to create his own works.

"I really like the simplicity of the cubes: the right angles, straight lines and a clear outline. And as with many things in life, here everything depends on the point of view and the angle. If you are near them, they seem to be understandable and identical, but if you look at them from afar, their straight angles turn into bends, and cubes turn into full-fledged figures," the author explains.

Like many others, the artist has played Lego since childhood, but, unlike most players, Nathan has never ceased to create new worlds from the elements of the designer.

"I started doing this to get rid of the stress I was constantly facing when I worked as a lawyer in Manhattan. I built sculptures from children's toys, including making my self-portrait from cubes. Lego is a whole world, unique and complex. Check it out for yourself!"

The opening was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Igor Yurkevich. The event was also attended by the performers Uncle Vanya and Dmitry Koldun, singer Alena Lanskaya, designer Ivan Ayplatov, gymnast Melitina Stanyuta and others.

"Minsk is open for various creative projects," Yurkevich said. "This exhibition which has entered the top ten world expositions is an event dedicated to our dear capital. It combines art and entertainment," he added.

The exposition occupies more than 1 500 square meters. It presents over 100 large-scale works of art created with the use of the details of a children's designer. Among the exhibits, for example, there is "Thinker" by August Roden, "David" Michelangelo, "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo de Vinci, "Scream" by Edward Munch. To perform a reduced copy of the Parthenon, for example, about 30 000 cubes of Lego were needed.

The exhibition consists of several thematic halls, in particular, "Artist's Workshop", "World Culture", "Emotions and States". In addition, there is also created a large play and entertainment area for visitors of different ages.

The exhibits can be seen on May 30.

The organizers of the exhibition are "BERIN ART MANAGEMENT"  LLC and Silver Screen Cinemas supported by the Minsk City Executive Committee, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.

Photo by Pavel Rusak

News provided by "Minsk-Novosti" Agency


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