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8 October 2019 → Minsk hosts "green" forum

This is the third international meeting of this level, the correspondent of "Minsk-Novosti" Agency reports.

Today, interest in the green economy in the world is fueled by a large-scale environmental crisis that has affected many post-industrial countries. The linear model “produce - consume - dispose" requires an alternative. In turn, the green economy is aimed at the economical consumption of those resources that are currently prone to depletion (oil, gas), and the rational use of inexhaustible resources. The green economy model provides for the introduction of severe environmental restrictions that are unacceptable to exceed even for the sake of making huge profits.

In this regard, the experience of Italy is interesting. Lacking significant natural resources, the country is the most developed in the South European region and at the same time ranks third in the world in implementing the concept of the green economy. At least a quarter of Italian manufacturers today invest in technologies and systems that reduce resource consumption and ensure the growth of value added. Moreover, the main successes in the green economy are demonstrated by medium and small businesses, which account for the bulk of Italian exports.

Belarus is also seriously approaching environmental issues: state programs are being implemented, legislation is being improved, and fundamental documents are being developed in the field of environmental protection and rational nature management. Therefore, it is logical that the development of mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign countries and international organizations in this area is of great importance for Belarus. Moreover, based on the accumulated experience, Italy can become one of the main partners of our country in the field of promoting the green economy.

The current "green" dialogue between the two countries has been organized by the Italian Embassy in Belarus, the Agency for the Promotion of International and Internationalization of Italian Companies, the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Confindustria Belarus Association.

News provided by Agency "Minsk-Novosti"


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