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1 November 2019 → The 26th Film Festival "Listapad" opened in Minsk

The XXVI Minsk International Film Festival "Listapad" was opened at the Cinema "Moskva" on November 1, the "Minsk-Novosti Agency reports.

The Forum celebrated a quarter of a century last year, and this year is a more modest date, so it was decided to avoid excesses in the organization of the Festival. Among familiar faces on the red carpet, there were mainly Belarusian celebrities. World cinema stars were not expected this year. It is unprofitable to receive such guests.

But the program, as always, is excellent - a real celebration for moviegoers! There are rare Belarusian films in it, which you will not find on the Web or in posters of cinemas during non-festival times, selected works by film directors from all over the world, tapes from the Oscar long- sheet…

For some films by Belarusian authors tickets were spread with such speed that it was even necessary to change cinemas – for cinemas with a larger number of seats. And, if last year the excitement was around "Crystal" by Darya Zhuk from Minsk, then in the current year tickets for Belarusian films by Andrei Kutilo "Striptease and War" (the Main Documentary Film Competition) and "Summa" (National Documentary Film Competition) were in special demand. And they sometimes say that Belarusians are not interested in domestic cinema!

Long before the ceremony began, an impromptu film set was located outside - the animators invited passers-by to appear in extras and take some memorable shots.

The red carpet - in the lobby of the cinema "Moskva". The truth is that it was not there, it wasn’t spread, .it was pasted. And movie stars could only show off in their evening dresses in front of their colleagues and journalists. Previously, by the way, it was not so: the ceremony was held in the Palace of the Republic - the path to the palace was covered with a carpet. Then everyone could see their favorite actors, even random passers-by.

People’s artist of Belarus, Director Alexander Efremov and his wife Valery Arlanova were the first to appear in front of the cameras - this is also a tradition. Last year, the elegant Valeria was in red, this time she was in a sophisticated black outfit.

"At one of the past festivals, I was a jury member in the Main Feature Film Competition, the only one from Belarus," said Tamara Mironova, actress of the Theatre named after Y.Kupala.. - Then the Romanians won. They have a very strong theatrical school. This year I would like to see the work by young Belarusian filmmakers and, of course, I will watch the opening film "Father".

"My work "Dante. Beatrice" participates in the National Competition – competition of animated films," said the animator Irina Kodyukova. - Despite the fact that the work is fresh - it was created quite recently - it has already taken part in two festivals. The premiere took place in Georgia. In my opinion, the cartoon will be interesting to viewers of different ages, because it’s  a love story.

In the auditorium with chairs of the colour of the carpet, the audience was greeted by the presenter Yevgeny Perlin. To announce the greetings of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko was invited to the stage. In his greeting, the Head of State emphasized that this large-scale and authoritative Forum occupies a special place in modern culture not only in Belarus, but also abroad.

"Constantly developing, expanding the range of participating countries, it remains true to its traditions which are based on the principles of spirituality and humanism. The visiting-card of the Festival has always been and remains high professionalism, the desire to know human values, an open and interested dialogue of creative intelligentsia, recognized masters and the young generation," the greeting says.

The greeting address was presented to the Chairman of the Festival Gennady Davydko. Not without beating the dishes: the plate with the autographs of the participants, having met with a camera tripod, shattered to smithereens. This mission was assigned to Gennady Davydko.

"26 years ago, a group of enthusiasts led by Rostislav Yankovsky decided that we should have our own film festival. As if in the country at that time - devastation - there were no other problems! But the President supported this idea. I remember the first " Listapad " - it was organized in the cinema "Octyabr". Then everyone in the auditorium was sitting in a coat because there wasn’t even heating ... And now " Listapad " is a large-scale international forum that continues to develop ," G. Davydko noted . "Have a nice Festival!

Immediately after the ceremony, the audience was shown the film "Father" by Bulgarian directors Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov . Incidentally, it is among the films of the main competition of feature films.

Traditionally, the competition program of  "Listapad" includes four sections: feature films (the main competition and the debut film contest "Youth on the March"); documentary films (main competition and competition of national film schools); film contest for children and youth audience " Listapadzik "; national competition (fiction, documentaries and animated films).

Annually, 40,000 people attend the Film Forum. In 2019, it will last until November 8. Over the week, 154 films from 50 countries will be presented to viewers. The information partner of the Festival is the agency "Minsk-Novosti". The founders of the Minsk International Film Festival are the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, the Minsk City Executive Committee.

Photo by Tamara Khamitsevich

News provided by Agency "Minsk-Novosti"


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