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24 December 2019 → The memory of Adam Mickiewicz was honoured in the capital

The community of the Church of Saints Simeon and Helena, with a procession and laying flowers, celebrated the birthday of the Belarusian and Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz, the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency reports.

Since 2003, when a monument to the poet was unveiled in the public garden in Gorodskoy Val street, commemorative events on the birthday of Adam Mickiewicz take place near it. After the mass in the Church, the parishioners went to the monument with a procession, laid flowers and lighted lamps.

"Brothers and sisters," the abbot of the Church of St. Simeon and St. Helena Vladislav Zavalnyuk addressed the audience. "Today, warm weather meets us. I am grateful that you came to honour the memory of Adam Mickiewicz. May his work unite us all."

By tradition, Christmas carols were performed,the poet's works were read..

For reference

Adam Bernard Mickiewicz was born on December 24, 1798 in the Zaosie farm near Novogrudok in the family of a poor gentry. He got his education at the Dominican school at the Novogrudok church of Michael the Archangel, at the University of Vilna. After the uprising of 1830, he found himself in exile in Europe.

Mickiewicz is a Belarusian and Polish poet, political journalist, activist of the national liberation movement. He wrote his works in Polish - the language of the nobility of the Commonwealth. He had a great influence on the formation of Belarusian and Polish literature of the 19th century. He died on November 26, 1855 in Constantinople during the cholera epidemic. Later, his ashes were transferred to Krakow.

News provided by Agency "Minsk-Novosti"


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