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26 February 2017 → Domracheva and Goncharov - best sportsmen of 2015-16 in the competition "Triumph. Sports Heroes"

In the sports complex Falcon club there was held a ceremony of awarding the winners of the public competition "Triumph. Sports Heroes" for the years of 2015-2016.

The organizers chose the best in 8 categories. In January 2017, on the competition website anyone could pick favorites in four categories: "Best Team", "Best Coach", "Best Sportsman" and "Best Sportswoman." The jury that included sports specialists and journalists defined laureates in other four categories: "The Result of the Year", "Breakthrough of the Year", "The Most Striking Moment in Sports" and "For the will to win". In each category there were 8 athletes to choose from (sportswomen, teams, coaches). And here are the final results of the contest.



In the category "Best Sportsman" the winner was Olympic champion of 2016 in Trampoline Vladislav Goncharov. He won 30.56% of votes and took the lead over the major competitors - silver medalist at the Games in Rio – hammer thrower Ivan Tikhon (23.98%) and weightlifter Vadim Streltsov (13.48%).

– “It was a very exciting event: when, being on the stage, it was time to say something, I got nervous”, V.Goncharov admitted in the mixed zone. “I couldn’t cope with the excitement. I'm happy to have won this award. It’s a kind of "Oscar" for an athlete. The statuette itself resembles that given in popular cinematography contests. For whom did I vote in the nomination? - For myself of course, although all the opponents were quite worthy and titled ones. It's nice to be the winner of such a strong company”.

In the category "Best Sportswoman", according to the results of the voting, the victory was won by the winner of "Crystal Globe" of the season 2014-15, biathlete Darya Domracheva (21.17%). Second place was gained by Mariya Mamoshuk (20.20%), third place was won by swimmer Alexandra Gerasimenya (15.18%). The winner herself could not attend the ceremony, as she is in the training camp abroad and preparing for the upcoming starts. Darya has sent a video message in which she expresses her gratitude to those who voted for her, and notes that the victory motivates her to the next major sports achievements.




Olga Vlasova, trainer of the Olympic champion Vladislav Goncharov, gained the victory in the category "Coach of the Year" (29.07%). The three favorites included the head coach of the national women's basketball team (now with the prefix "ex") Anatoly Buyalsky (13.71%) and Ylena Klimova (11.72%) - personal trainer of Alexandra Gerasimenya.

“I really liked the homey atmosphere during the ceremony. When I was going out on the red carpet, I was afraid that I might stumble over. But then there were nearly always positive emotions on the stage. I am glad that they voted for me and Vlad. I am happy that we were chosen. I think, at the Games in Rio millions of fans rejoiced over his results. As for his future plans, then in November 2017 Vlad is going to participate in the World Cup. I have told my student that we must take a medal by all means”, said O.Vlasova.

The women’s canoe quartet of Olga Khudenko, Margarita Makhneva, Marina Lytvynchuk and Nadezhda Lepeshko (27.77%) is considered to be the best team. At the Olympics-2016 the quartet won the bronze medal. On the credit side of the quartet there is also "gold" of the World Cup-2015. Second place was taken by the women’s biathlon team (16.40%), third place was won by the Brest Handball Club named after Meshkov (10.74%). At the award ceremony M.Makhneva had to take the rap for the winning squad. According to her, the quartet had had a strong belief that they would be the winner. Rowing has its own supporters in Belarus, who know and appreciate the rowers’ progress. Margarita promised that the athletes would do their best to continue to please the fans of this sport.



In the category "Breakthrough of the Year" first place was taken by the representative of wrestling, silver medalist at the Games-2016 Mariya Mamoshuk. In the vote of the jury she was ahead of the runner Olga Mazurenok and the weightlifter Darya Naumova.

– “Joy, excitement, happiness …, it’s hard to convey the whole range of emotions which are now seething in me”, Mariya said with delight talking with journalists. “It's nice that my hard work, my efforts were appreciated. True, the year of 2016 really turned out successful for me, although I have been worried so far that I wasn’t been able to become an Olympic champion. I want my dream to become a reality at the Games- 2020 in Tokyo”.



The six-time swimming champion at the Paralympics-2016 Igor Bokiy was considered the best in the category "For the will to win". Among the winners in this category there are two more Paralympic athletes who won "gold" at the Games in Rio: the swimmer Vladimir Izotov and the fencer Andrey Pranevich.

– “The medals, the award "Triumph. Heroes of Sport ", as well as the attention of fans, functionaries, and journalists are most valuable for me”, said I.Bokiy. “Winning the competition is very important. My success in Rio is not only my merit, but it is also the merit of my coaches, and my parents. I thank them very much for everything”..

In the category "The result of the Year" the winner was the runner Marina Arzamasova who won the gold medal at the World Championship-2015 in Beijing. In this category this track and field athlete was able to get ahead of the biathlete Darya Domracheva and the tennis player Victoriya Azarenko. Marina herself was not able to attend the award ceremony due to pneumonia. She was replaced by her personal track coach Natalya Dukhnova. The trainer noted that her ward was already on the way to recovery. During this season, the main starting point for Arzamasova will be the world championship to be held in August in London.



Unarmed self-defence fighter Stepan Popov won the main prize in the category "The most striking sports moment of the year."At the First European Games in Baku, he acted in the spirit of fair play. In the final match against Amil Gasimov from Azerbaijan, he applied the submission move. Stepan Popov helped the prostrate and injured opponent leave the carpet. For this act, our sambo fighter was marked by many sports international organizations.

– “It is an honor to be in the company of Alexander Medved and Vladimir Samsonov who were also honored with this award. I am pleased that by using this act I drew attention to my sport – Sambo which is not yet an Olympic one, but I do hope that it will”, S.Popov said.

It should be noted that in the category the athlete bypassed the representative of table tennis Vladimir Samsonov (victory in the 1/4 finals of the Olympic Games in Rio) and Olga Mazurenok (the fight for the podium at the Olympic tournament).

Photo by Sergey Sheleg

News provided by "Minsk-News" Agency


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