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06 July 2017 → Foreign tourists participated in assembling tractors "Belarus"

The first group of tourists took part in the technological process of assembling tractors at the Minsk Tractor Plant, the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency reports.

There are only 5 people in the group. Three of them are Belarusians and two foreigners: Yves Riesen who came from the town of Koppe (Switzerland) and Hans Heimburger from the American city of Long Beach (California). Yves, by the way, came in the company of his Belarusian wife Natalia.

“The Minsk Tractor Plant has been actively engaged in production tourism since February 2017. But if earlier tourists could only walk through the plant and look at how the work was going on, now they themselves can put a hand to the creation of technology”, Sergei Sidorovich, specialist for work with the youth of the Minsk Tractor Plant says before the start of the excursion. Tourists are to carry out five operations on the assembly line that's why the groups are small: no more than five people, so as not to slow down the work”.

At the beginning of the excursion tourists are given some general information about the history of the plant and the products that it produces, after which they are taken to the main place of action - the building of the tractors assembly. There are two assembly lines of which one is large and the other is small. The first one is 210 m long. Tractors with capacity from 100 to 210 hp are assembled on it. The second one stretches for 275 m and gives a start in life of tractor technology with a capacity of 50 to 100 hp.

It is to the second assembly line that tourists are taken to. Throughout the whole excursion they are accompanied by anxious journalists. It goes without saying, the main attention, goes to foreigners. The journalists patiently answer the tourists’ questions, trying to seize the moment to take a few pictures on their cameras.

All five operations that must be performed by the participants of the excursion are registered in the tractor assembly card (or in short, the TAC). Each tourist indicates his name and surname in it, puts their signature, and (in the column "Claims are received at the address") indicates their home address.

For a person uninitiated in the sacrament of engineering the sound of the names of the operations seems to be unusual and even scary: subassembly of the front crane, subassembly of the panel with the emergency engine stop cable, connection of the emergency stop cable to the engine fuel pump ... At the end, if the document is to be believed, there must be a tractor which has long been a visiting card of the MTP – “Belarus-82”.

“I think that once people in the modern world are able to master many different electronic devices, then, say, a wrench can be mastered by them without any problems. Of course, not at once, but by the fifth operation all our tourists will have become assured assemblers”, Ivan Kozlovsky, Deputy Chief Technologist of OJSC “MTP”, replies to the doubts of journalists.

The most understandable, from the point of view of the layman, was the final stage of the tourists’ assembly process - the installation of the steering rod. In fact, it was done in the following way: each of the top five tourists climbed into the already installed on the chassis of the tractor cabin and fastened the steering wheel there. Of course, all the operations, from the first to the last, the tourists carried out under the strict guidance of the plant's specialists.

At the end of the action, the participants were given nice certificates with the national ornament and signed by the General Director of OJSC “MTP”, Fiodor Domotenko, confirming that the owners of this document had conscientiously participated in the assembly of the Belarus-82 tractor with a capacity of 80 hp on the main assembly line of the factory and that their actions corresponded to all technological processes.

It will be recalled that organization of the first excursions to the production line of the MTP began in February 2017. Since that time the enterprise has been visited by almost 1,400 tourists, of which 318 foreign guests from 23 countries. The most remote states whose citizens have visited the Minsk enterprise are Nigeria and Australia. The largest number of visitors has been from Estonia - 107 people.

According to S. Sidorovich, starting from July 5, at the Minsk Tractor Plant, together with the service "Assemble a Tractor", another one has been launched - "Have a Drive in a Tractor" on the territory of the enterprise. As a means of transportation, they are planning to use a tractor "Belarus-3522" with the power of 360 hp. The total length of the trip will be about 5 km.

Photo by Sergey Sheleg

News provided by «Minsk-News» Agency


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