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07 September 2017 → The second infoturkiosk in Minsk is opened in the Upper City

A new infoturkiosk of the Unitary Enterprise "Mingorspravka" was inaugurated in the Upper City on September 6, the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency correspondent reports.

ЭThis is the second such establishment. The first of them was opened in June at the railway station.

"In the infoturkiosk "Kropka" residents and guests of the capital can get free information and tourist information, take maps and guidebooks around the capital, as well as buy souvenirs", said Boris Vasiliev, Director of the UE" Mingorspravka". "Besides, tickets for concerts, performances, matches and other events are also sold here: the corresponding agreement has been concluded with the company "Ticketpro". Soon, by the way, tickets will also be sold in our pavilion at the railway station", he added.

According to him, the first infoturkiosk showed that the services of the enterprise are in constant demand. Previously, it provided only paid reference information, but it was unprofitable from the economic point of view. Today, citizens are given free information, but thanks to the sale of souvenirs and the sale of other services, the situation is changing for the better.

B. Vasiliev noted that before opening the new establishment, the previous defects and shortcomings had been taken into account. Now there is an officer who speaks English.

"We are working in tandem with the Information and Tourist Center "Minsk", he added. "Our task is that a tourist or just a visitor can contact our information establishment and get information, for example, how to travel to any part of the city. We must present the capital in such a way that its guests can feel quite comfortable and happy. It is also important that we should provide informative materials about this or that tourist site. We hope that such pavilions will also become centers of interest of tour operators, and we are ready for cooperation", he continued.

We are planning to open such an establishment at the National Airport "Minsk". However, according to B. Vasiliev, we must take into account one specific feature here: the zones of arrival and departure divide passengers according to their interests. Those who arrive will be more interested in getting tourist information rather than in buying souvenirs. Therefore, at present we are looking for a compromise and an ideal format for such an establishment at the airport.

Alexander Shifrin, Chief specialist of the UE "Mingorspravka" and candidate of art criticism noted the importance of infoturkiosks for Minsk:

"There had been no establishments of this format in the capital before. Our studies showed that people visiting the city were in need of an establishment where they could get necessary information or advice, where they could buy souvenirs. So we decided to start from the railway station – the place of concentration of the largest number of visitors. And this kiosk proved to be very useful. Encouraged by the success, we opened another information establishment. We filled it with high-quality souvenir products, including those produced at our enterprise. We realized the need to enter the market with our production, and we organized it. Today, we even have our own designers from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts".

During the ceremony there took place a concert of creative groups and a photo exhibition dedicated to the 950th anniversary of Minsk.

Photo by Sergey Pozhoga

News provided by "Minsk-Novosti" Agency


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