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11 September 2017 → Tanker's Day was held in Minsk in a big way

The tanker's day was celebrated in Victory Park on September 10, the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency correspondent reports.

The place for the Festival was not chosen by chance. It was in Minsk that the developers of the War-gaming Company had created the world-famous game World of Tanks.

The organizers of the event had prepared many pleasant surprises not only for fans of the game, but also for those who were not in the "tanks". On the territory of the park there had been set up many interactive sites. One of the most popular of them was the playing ground. An impressive queue of people had been waiting at the tent World of Tanks in order to fight for the title of the best player on the Tanker’s Day. However, this circumstance had not stopped anyone.

Zhmuro’s family had come to play in full strength. While the father and two seven-year-old sons were showing their skills, the mum (Irina) was quite near the sidelines supporting her men. According to her, they had been playing tanks for three years already.

Lovers of active and extreme recreation preferred bumper-ball and aqua-shooting range to computer games.

We also looked into the joiner’s shop. Women were carefully sawing out animal figures and were making photo frames, and as to men, they were making wooden swords and knives.

Near the workshop there was a zone of family master classes. Here they were creating decorations from real flowers, and in an improvised beauty salon coiffeuses were making fashionable hairstyles.

"The Tanker's Day has turned out to be not only a holiday for men," Oksana said with a smile. “While my husband is busy trying to "capture" a foreign tank, I am not losing my time either”, she added.

The sounds of music led us to master classes in dance and zumba. The joy of the festivity was felt here also.

It was impossible to pass by the children's playing grounds without making a stop either. Trampoline, a pool with balls, inflatable slides, a trampoline park, animation - from such an abundance of entertainment the children were in full delight.

“The weather is nice, the mood is excellent. We have come here with the whole family, and we are geting a lot of pleasant impressions. It would be nice if we had such festivals more often! Irina Dzyublenko said. “Thank you for such a wonderful day!” she added.

There was also an interactive stand "Front Album" in the park. The organizers had launched this project to preserve the history of veterans and their memories of the Great Patriotic War. The significance of it was that anyone could tell about his relative who had participated in the Great Patriotic War.

The Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Andrei Shorets had come to the Festival with all his family.

The bands "Without Ticket", "Underwood", "5'NIZZA" and Nike Borzov were entertaining the audience.

In addition, on this day it was possible to visit the Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War just for free. And there were quite a lot of people who were willing to visit the Museum.

At the end of the celebration, the sky over Victory Park was lit with salute volleys. We can say with certainty: the residents and guests of the capital will remember the Festival for a long time!

For reference:

The organizers of the event are the Minsk City Executive Committee and the Minsk World of Tanks Development Center.

Photo by Yelizaveta Dobritskaya

News provided by "Minsk-Novosti" Agency


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