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21 September 2017 → French films will be shown in the Upper City on September 22 and 23

In the courtyard of the hotel "Monastyrsky" (street Cyril and Methodius, 6) on September 22 and 23 the continuation of the Open air CINEMA project will take place, the organizers of the shows told the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency correspondent. This time, under the open sky, residents of Minsk will see French films.

On September 22, they will show the French melodrama "Railway novel" (2007). A fatal woman, the author of popular novels Judith Ralitzer prefers to search for new stories and new characters in the most unconventional ways ... The serial killer has just escaped from prison. The roads of these two people will cross, but the hairdresser of the fashionable Parisian salon will turn their lives – after quarreling with the groom, she sits in the car to a stranger...

On September 23, Minsk residents will have a chance to appreciate the melodrama "The Beautiful Fig Tree" (2008). The producer of the film carries events from the court of King Henry II to the streets of modern Paris. After the death of her mother, the 16-year-old Juni is forced to move to a new school where Mathias, a cousin of hers, studies and who introduces her to his friends. Most guys want to pay court to the charming Juni, but she chooses Otto - the most inconspicuous one among them. However, later on she becomes crazy about Nemoa, the teacher of the Italian language. Their love affair is doomed to failure well in advance, but the main character does not want to suppress the feelings that have flared up in her and tries persistently to find her happiness.

The films to be shown during the upcoming weekend are provided by the project “Listapad Kollektsiya”.

Open air CINEMA is a weekly project implemented by a network of cinemas "Kinominsk" with the support of the Minsk City Executive Committee. The organizers of the event are going to organize 220 seats for the spectators, the work of a movie bar and a cafe.

Admission is free. The shows begin at 20:00.

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