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12 November 2017 → US team won the Federation Cup-2017

In the final match of the Federation Cup finals, the Belarusian couple Alexandra Sasnovich - Arina Sobolenko lost to the duo of Koko Vandevege - Shelby Rogers 4: 6, 6: 7, the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency correspondent reports.

On the eve of the match the captain of the Belarusian team Eduard Dubrov made a substitution. Instead of Lydia Morozova and Vera Lapko, Alexander Sasnovich and Arina Sobolenko came to the court. The beginning of the match turned out to be equal. In the first six games each of the tandems won their serve. Then, the US tennis players managed to take Sobolenko's serve, and after that they brought the starting lot to win - 6: 3.

The beginning of the second set was similar to the first. In the third game on Rogers' serve there started a stubborn fight. First one, then the other tandem was close to tipping the scales in their direction. It turned out that the athletes from the United States had stronger nerves. But the next two games were won by Dubrov's wards. At first they cleanly won the serve of Sobolenko and then took the serve of Vandevege and the score was 3: 2.

The strength of the rivals seemed to have given way and they began to make mistakes more often, acted a little nervously. This led to the fact that the next two games were again won by the Belarusians 5: 2.

But it was too early to rejoice: Koko and Shelby were able to equalize the numbers on the scoreboard - 5: 5. Then the score became 6: 6, and, therefore, the clarification of the relationship went to a tie-break. Alas, Sasha and Arina could not beat the opponents - 6: 7.

News provided by "Minsk-Novosti" Agency


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