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14 December 2017 → In Minsk, lights have been lit on New Year’s trees

On December 14, in different parts of Minsk, with the onset of darkness, 18 largest New Year’s trees were lit, and tomorrow Christmas fairs will open, the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency correspondent reports.

At 6 pm sharp the brightest white-blue lights appeared on the main Christmas tree of the country set in Oktyabrskaya Square. By the way, to decorate this more than 30-meter high man-made tree dozens of garlands of LED lamps were used, the total number of which is several thousand pieces.

It was decided that each of the 18 Christmas trees should look elegant in its own way. For this purpose, they used garlands of different lengths with conventional or miniature LED lamps of different power.

As early as December 15, Christmas markets will begin their work in Oktyabrskaya Square and in other parts of the capital where people can buy souvenirs and New Year's gifts for their close and distant relatives and friends. Or, as the Head of the Main Department of the Consumer Market of the Minsk City Executive Committee Andrei Domoratsky noted, they will be able to taste something delicious, to drink hot tea, coffee, chocolate or even mulled wine:

“Moreover the mugs they are going to use can be left as souvenirs. We are also planning to hold a big fair at the Sports Palace on December 23 where food and other things that people can need to lay the New Year table will be presented. And, of course, the Christmas tree market will traditionally start working at the Sports Palace.”

“By the way, in comparison with the previous year,” A.Doromatsky underlined, “the assortment has now been expanded, new dishes of not only Belarusian national, but also European cuisine have been added. There will be a lot of interesting things for visitors, including children. They will be pleased with the attractions that we are going to offer them, and on a big screen to be installed in Pobediteley Avenue will be shown cartoons, movies with New Year themes, and, of course, people will be surprised to see many other thing which we do not want to reveal yet.”

Workers of the UE “Mingorsvet” started to switch on the lights on the New Year trees, as well as on the trees decorated with garlands in Pobediteley Avenue and in other places of the capital on December 14 with the onset of dusk, soon after 5 pm. Now the lights are to be on until midnight, then they are to be turned off and turned on again in the morning at 6 am. They will be on until 9 am when the outdoor lighting network is turned off. According to the schedule approved by the Minsk City Executive Committee, the full New Year's illumination will be switched on December 23.

Photo by Sergey Sheleg

News provided by "Minsk-Novosti" Agency


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