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16 December 2017 → The Fair "Kalyadny Kirmash" started working near the Sports Palace

The fair "Kalyadny Kirmash" started its work near the Palace of Sports. The "Minsk-Novosti" Agency correspondents have found out what interesting things are offered to the residents and guests of the capital there.

At the traditional Christmas fair, rows of stalls of Belkoopsoyuz organizations from all regions of the country have been installed there. The first buyers can be seen there at 9am already.

The air is filled with aromas of shish kebabs, pancakes and fresh baked goods. Visitors are offered to taste delicious food at specially equipped tables.

"All in all there have been located about 50 food outlets here," said Andrey Domoratsky, Head of the Consumer Market Department of the Minsk City Executive Committee. "This year you can taste not only Belarusian but also European cuisine. We hope that the fair will please both the residents of the country and foreign guests."

It’s a little bit freezing outside. The street is light frost. Sellers offer the visitors to warm themselves with hot tea, coffee, cocoa, mulled wine.

In addition to own-made products, a wide range of sausages, chilled meat, frozen semi-finished products is presented at the fair. So, for a kilo of pork forcemeat they ask 6 rubles and 10 kopecks. Pork neck will cost you 8 rubles and 80 kopecks, brisket - 9 rubles and 70 kopecks, lamb - 8 rubles and 47 kopecks, turkey - 9 rubles and10 kopecks.

Outlets with meat products have turned out to be in the greatest demand, and on the contrary, those where vegetables and fruits are sold have appeared to be in the least demand.

Visitors are also pleased to find an abundance of confectionery here: gingerbread, chocolate animals, pastries, cakes, pies, sweet candies ... As they say, for every taste and purse.

And for those who prefer to eat healthy and delicious food they offer nuts, dried fruits and roasted chestnuts.

One can never remain indifferent passing by the intriguing sign "Living oysters."

Here one of the sellers is trying to assure that the product has been brought from France itself, and is insistently offering to taste a delicacy worth 7 rubles.

The decoration of the fair is a chalet with works made by artisans of wood. All works are made by hand and have their authors.

"Our business is 20 years old. My uncle Nikolai Evkuta started it. And now we are busy making different articles by the whole family," says Eugenia Nikolaychik. "The most interesting and laborious work is wood carving. It takes 1 – 1.5 months to carve an article out of wood. No less painstaking work is a picture on a cut off tree. The work takes about a week."

At the fair, you can buy not only food and gifts, but choose an artificial Christmas tree for the New Year.

"All the articles that are on sale are of Brest production. Prices start from 24 rubles. Everything depends on the material and the length," the seller explains. "Belarusian producers are worthy of competing with Russian and Polish producers. Nice price is also an advantage."

Pavel Shatilo came here with his daughter Veronika and son Ivan.

"We have already bought a pillow with a blanket, and now we are going to taste potato pancakes," says the head of the family.

"While going to the rink I see how beautiful it is near the Palace of Sports. Just for mere curiosity, I make up my mind to stop by for a while," says Galina, a woman from Minsk, who cannot hide her emotions. "On the way back, I will, by all means, buy some baked food and have a cup of coffee."

Photo by Pavel Rusak

News provided by "Minsk-Novosti" Agency


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