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25 December 2017 → Daily New Year's Performances Started in the Upper City

Theatrical performances "New Year's Adventures in the Land of Magic" started in the Upper City on December 25, the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency reports.

Every day, until January 5, at 17:00 and 20:30 Minsk citizens and guests of the capital are given a chance to enjoy a good New Year's fairy tale and game programs.

Children and adults are invited to go on a fabulous trip together with a little girl, Lisa by name. Her letter to Santa Claus has been stolen by an evil sorceress, and Lisa intends to find the main hero of the New Year on her own. Spectators are waiting for an exciting show filled with miracles, songs and dances.

By tradition, the stage is located near the concert hall "Upper Town" the facade of the building of which has become part of the scenery..

"For the show, they have specially created a script, costumes and new LED decorations; light and pyrotechnic special effects have been involved. Actors from different theaters and children's amateur artistic groups are involved in the performance," noted the Artistic Director of the SI "Minskkoncert" Elena Rodionova. "We have tried to do our best to make the show as bright, colorful and amusing as possible"

The show lasts about half an hour. By the joyful faces of children and their parents it is evident that they have liked the show.

"The show is very interesting, kind and fantastic. It is just what people need on the eve of the New Year," says young mother Elena. "Last year we were also here, together with our children. It's great that such events are held in our city".

In between the performances, one can have a lot of fun.

There has been arranged an amusement park in Svobody Square. Children can ride on a fairytale train run by Santa Claus; they can ride on the carousel, squirrel wheel. Here, people are amused by growing dolls - brown and polar bears, dogs and fairy-tale characters. Of course, you can have your picture taken near the Christmas tree and dance around it. Here you can find public catering outlets where you can have a cup of hot tea or coffee, regale yourself with a nice cake.

"We have done everything possible to make the historical part of the city - the square at the Town Hall -, an attractive place for Minsk citizens on these holidays, so that they could come here with their families, with young children and enjoy the theatrical performances, ride on park facilities," said Pavel Skalaban, Head of the General Department of the Ideological Work, Culture and Youth Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee. "We are also glad to invite all citizens of Minsk to visit concert programs on New Year's Eve that will take place on various grounds of the city districts as well as near the Sports Palace. The festivities will be held from 23:00 to 04:00. The work of public transport and the underground has been extended. The metro will be open until 4:15, ground transportation will run until 4:30," he added.

Photo by Sergey Lukashov

News provided by "Minsk-Novosti" Agency


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