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9 February 2018 → Week of Belarusian Cuisine to be held in the capital from February 12 to February 18

This time, participation in the Week will be taken by 90 public catering establishments which are different in type and format but which are united by the idea of popularizing the national cuisine and developing social catering.

Within the framework of the event guests will be offered 5 dishes of national cuisine: salad “Gribnoye Lukoshko” (Mushroom basket) 115/10/7 – 3 rubles 70 kopecks; thick soup with pumpkin, poultry and mushrooms 250/40/1 – 3 rubles 50 kopecks; zraza (meat pie) “Radzivilovskaya” with mashed potatoes and mushrooms in sour cream 150/100/50/4 – 8 rubles; spareribs in the glaze of kvas with potato flocks 150/100/30/12 – 9 rubles; light pancakes with curd-mint cream and strawberry sauce 150/50/30/4 – 3 rubles 50 kopecks.

The dishes were developed in corporation with the brand-chef of the restaurant complex in the shopping and entertainment center “Titan”. The dishes are prepared according to uniform recipes and, regardless of the type and class of the catering establishment, will be sold at the same prices.
List of public catering establishments involved in holding the Week of Belarusian Cuisine
                Pervomaisky District Sovetsky District
  Moskovsky District Oktyabrsky District
  Zavodskoy District Leninsky District
  Frunzensky District Tsentralny District
  Partizansky District  

News provided by the Main Department of the Consumer Market of the Minsk City Executive Committee


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