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24 February 2018 → Stadium "Dynamo" to be opened on June 21, 2018

As it is reported by the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency correspondent, the opening of the "Dynamo" stadium will take place one year before the start of the 2nd European Games in Minsk, the Acting Minister of Sports and Tourism of Belarus Vyacheslav Durnov told journalists.

"As the builders assure us, by this time they will have managed to complete the reconstruction of the "Dynamo", V. Durnov noted. "Everything goes according to plan and schedule. And the next day after the opening there will be held an international match meeting in track and field athletics between the national teams of Belarus, the Baltic countries and the countries of the Persian Gulf," he added.

As the Chairman of the Belarusian Athletics Federation (BFL) Vadim Devyatovsky said, the idea of holding an international match belongs to the Vice President of the European Athletics Association, President of the Association of Athletics Federations of the Balkan countries Dobromir Karamarinov. There is already a preliminary list of disciplines to be included in the program of the competitions. The organizers have included 16 species. These are running (including mixed relay race), jumping, pushing and throwing disciplines. V. Devyatovsky expressed confidence that the stands of the stadium would be packed completely. A bonus for the athletes participating in the match will be a prize fund.

"We are negotiating with the leadership of the Polish Federation of Athletics," said the head of the BFL. "It is not excluded that athletes from this country will also participate in the match. This will undoubtedly add competition, competitive excitement, which should be welcomed by the viewers," he continued.

All the leaders will arrive together with the national team of the Balkan countries. According to D. Karamarinov now they are selecting the members of the team.

"The results of the last two seasons will be taken into account. I am confident that a good match will be held in the new "Dynamo" stadium, and the athletes will show good results. Of course, it's great that the match will have a prize fund. However the first thing to be done by the sportsmen is to show the highest class of their skill," D. Karamarinov emphasized.

News provided by "Minsk-Novosti" Agency


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