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6 March 2018 → Grand, modern and with up-to-date equipment – this is how the Palace of Gymnastics looks like

A tour of the Republican Center for Olympic Training in Rhythmic Gymnastics (Palace of Gymnastics) was held for journalists on March 6, the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency correspondent reports.

The central entrance of the unique complex is decorated with a sculptural composition. The inscription on the gymnastics tapes reads: "Dreams come true! There will be born champions and strong characters." On a granite ball, there is a print of the palm of the Olympic champion Marina Lobach.

"When I cut the symbolic red ribbon during the solemn opening of the Palace, tears flowed from my eyes - so exciting for me was that moment and the event itself, which we had been waiting for so long," the famous gymnast M. Lobach confessed.

On the walls in the hall and corridors there are spectacular photos of gymnasts looking at the visitors. Their graces are imprinted in dynamics with ribbons, maces spurring colleagues around the shop to strive to be the best. Prize-winners and champions of the world, Europe, and Olympic Games in rhythmic gymnastics had arrived to attend the ceremony of the opening of the Palace.

240 people can train in the center at one and the same time; the daily capacity of the gymnasia is about 500 people. There are more than 400 seats on the stands of the palace. There is really enough room for training hard: two large gymnasia with four carpets in each of them and two small ones, and gymnasia for choreography (four), warming-up, aerobics and training. There is also a swimming pool with a sauna, medical and massage rooms, coaching rooms, self-study and recreation rooms, as well as a guest block and a cafe.

Comfort is added by a good air-conditioning system. And besides - soundproof walls that go down in the large gymnasia, which allow the athletes on the neighboring carpets to hone the technique to the music, without interfering with each other.

In an interview with journalists, the Head Coach of the national team of Belarus in rhythmic gymnastics Irina Leparskaya noted that the center exceeded all expectations:

"Many thanks to President Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko and the builders! To achieve nice results, we will come here every morning and leave late at night, look for talents and grow invincible gymnasts. We will do everything possible for this and even more."

She said that the Palace had also impressed the President of the European Gymnastic Union Farid Gaibov. He noted the functionality of the complex and even expressed his desire that in every European country there should be built such a center.

The palace is not only functional, but also beautiful in appearance. In the designed elements of the building the tape can easily be guessed.

"It is often associated with artistic gymnastics, although we have other items of equipment. Maybe it's right: I always tell gymnasts that in competitions the most important role is played by the ribbon. It is very difficult to work with it. And if you’ve come to the exercise with the tape being almost a champion and have relaxed, it will certainly punish you," said I. Leparskaya.

She also said that the center in Dauman Street would also be used:

"It is our branch. There will remain groups of initial training, groups where training requires payment. There will continue to operate all other schools," she added.

News provided by "Minsk-Novosti" Agency


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