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12 March 2018 → Wi-Fi to appear at metro station "Kupalovskaya" and "Oktyabrskaya"

At the metro stations "Kupalovskaya" and "Oktyabrskaya" they are preparing to launch a wireless Internet, said Valery Shkuratov, Director of the SE "Capital Transport and Communications", at an operational meeting in the Minsk City Executive Committee, the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency correspondent reports. Now the project is in implementation. In the future, Wi-Fi can appear at other stations.

"In Estonia, for example, high-speed mobile Internet is available in any transport," said Eduard Belokursky, Director of the branch "Minsk City Telephone Network" of the RUE "Beltelecom".

Access to the wireless Internet can also appear in urban land transport, for example, on the bus route which delivers passengers from the capital to the National Airport "Minsk".

"Now we are working on the route No. 300e within the framework of the program for preparation for the II European Games. As to routes Nos. 1 and 100, we are at the stage of concluding contracts," said Leonty Papenok, General Director of SE" Minsktrans ". "Internet services are available on intercity routes, but, of course, paid ones," he added.

News provided by "Minsk-Novosti" Agency


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