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11 September 2018 → What to expect from the theatrical forum "TEART" this year

The International Forum of Theater Art "TEART", the eighth in succession, will be held in Minsk from September 20 to October 16, organizers said at a September 11 press conference, the "Minsk-Novosti" agency reports.

The Forum "TEART" includes two programs: international and Belarusian, participating countries are 10. They are: Belarus, France and Finland, Vietnam and Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, Belgium, Russia and South Korea. In total, 19 performances will be presented. It is planned that there will be 24 shows at 8 venues in Minsk.

The slogan of the current festival is "Depressurization". According to the Director of the Forum Angelica Kraszewska, "Theart" for the Belarusian theater is an opportunity to join the world space, to become its equal part.

The language of art does not really depend on geolocation, but, according to the theater critic, curator of the Belarus Open program Lyudmila Gromyko, Belarusian playwrights, producers and actors are still little known in the world. And we need to work on this.

As for the Belarusian program of the Forum, the organizers received 35 applications this year. The selection took place in the conditions of live presentations of performances. The main criterion was the appropriateness of the work in the modern context. According to L. Gromyko, the productions which have become part of the program are a cross-section of the trends that have been observed in the theatrical art of Belarus in recent years, and also these are frank stories - stories for people who live in an information-saturated space, and they need benchmarks.

“In any culture, several communities of people are formed with their own views and values, but "TEART" sets a goal to unite them, to unite several kinds of art. This is the exchange of experience, the opening of new opportunities for each participant and spectator”, says the curator of the "School of TEART" Tatyana ARTIMOVICH.

By the way, a few words about the "TEART School". Unlike the Forum itself, it starts already on September 14 under the slogan "Hear. See. Speak". Organizers promise that this will not be just an educational program, full of master classes, workshops and creative meetings.

“We will learn to talk and hear each other - both theatergoers and spectators. Everyone will be able to participate in the discussions. The space of the "School of TEART" is open to people with different views", T. Artimovich adds.

What is new and unusual to expect from the performances of "TEART" this year? As A. Krashevskaya notes, the organizers of the Forum tried to introduce into the program a maximum of new genres, to open new countries about the theatres of which is still little known in Belarus.. Among them, for example, Finland and Vietnam. One of the purposes of the Forum is to develop audience's taste, educate it not on the mass culture, but on real art. Another example of innovation this year is the performance "Three Sisters" by Timofei KULYABIN which is in sign language, without replicas that we have got accustomed to. This is an element of inclusive art.

According to the Chairman of the board of Belgazprombank Viktor BABARIKO, one of the organizers of the Forum, the current "TEART" shows that the Belarusian theatre is ready to compete, accept the views of world critics.

"TEART" is not just a fest, it is an incentive for the theatre to develop in Belarus, in principle, its own, national one. Just to show performances is not the only purpose of the Forum. The main thing is to make the Belarusian theatre develop inside the country and open to the world”, V. BABARIKO says with confidence.

The organizers of the "TEART" are: the Visual and Performing Arts Center "ART Corporation", OJSC "Belgazprombank", OJSC "Gazprom transgaz Belarus". The forum is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Belarus and the Minsk City Executive Committee.

Photo by Maria Voytik and from the archive of the Festival

News provided by "Minsk-Novosti" Agency


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