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9 July 2019 → Minsk is interested in studying the experience of the intellectual system "Smart City" of the Chinese city of Yinchuan

Minsk is interested in studying and introducing the intelligent system "Smart City". This was discussed during the meeting of the Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Alexander Krepak with the Deputy Secretary of the Ningxia-Hui Autonomous Region Party Committee, Secretary of the Yinchuan City Committee Jiang Zhigang at the Minsk City Hall, the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency correspondent reports.

"The" smart city "is a most interesting system not only for improving the quality of life of people, but also for developing the infrastructure of the city," A. Krepak noted. "Its creation in the capital is one of the goals of sustainable development of Belarus. It is very important for us not only to implement the project, but also to learn from those who have already implemented such technologies".

A. Krepak said that Minsk had already received offers from Barcelona and Seoul to study the work of the intellectual system "Smart City" which is being implemented in these megalopolises.

In turn, the head of the Chinese delegation Jiang Zhigang invited A. Krepak to visit Yinchuan, where a similar intellectual system of urban management has been introduced already. It would be interesting to know that public transport here is paid for by just showing your face. Instead of traditional stores and supermarkets, there are automatic food storage facilities. In public buildings, visitors are greeted with smiling holograms.

The Chinese guest suggested that Minsk and Inchuan establish bilateral cooperation in various fields: tourism, sports, culture, trade, as well as investment projects in the industrial park "The Great Stone".

A. Krepak accepted the invitation to visit China. He will combine his visit in September with participation in the fourth China-Arab Expo (Sino-Arab Exhibition).

The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is a region in the north of central China. It was established in October 1958. The largest city and administrative center is Yinchuan. 6.3 million people live in the district, of which 40% are Muslim. The population of Yinchuan is 1.6 million.

A "smart city" is a system of communication and information technologies with the "Internet of Things", thanks to which the management of the internal processes of the city is simplified and the standard of living of the population is improved. The intellectual city performs important tasks: it collects and transmits data to the city authorities, establishes feedback between the administration and the citizens, and participates in the improvement of the environment. According to research data, by 2020, 600 smart cities will be operating across the globe.

Photo by Sergey Pozhoga

News provided by "Minsk-Novosti" Agency


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