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3 August 2019 → Korean Culture Festival gathered guests on the first day-off of August in the Upper City

The Festival of Korean culture was held at the walls of the City Hall on August 3, the "Minsk-Novosti" agency correspondent reports.

On the first day-off of August the historic heart of Minsk was crowded with peope. There were a lot of married couples with children, foreigners and, of course, young people among the townspeople and guests of the capital who had come to the Festival. Thanks to the composition of Gangman Style Korean music - k-pop has gained popularity all over the world. The new musical direction has literally erased the boundaries and caused an unprecedented interest in the culture and language of this country.

"Geographically, Korea and Belarus are far apart, but in the age of the Internet and technology this is not an obstacle," said the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Belarus Mr. Tae Jung Yol  while opening the celebration. "I hope, thanks to today's Festival, Korea will become even closer for you," he added.

In her turn, Vitalina Rudikova, Head of the Department of Culture of the Minsk City Executive Committee, noted that the Festival would be another step towards strengthening relations between our countries.

Near the walls of the City Hall there were tents decorated with flags of the country of morning freshness. Volunteers handed out balloons with declarations of love for Korea. They taught participants in the celebration how to write their names in Korean and wrote wishes to the native guests of the Festival. They told about the traditional masks "hahve". By the way, they received such an unusual name from the area where they were made.

"Hahoe is part of Korean culture," explains Polina, a volunteer of the Festival. "There used to be 12 types of masks, but 9 have survived to the present. They are: Monk, Scientist, Bride, Fool ... Under the brush of the guests of the Festival, 2 images come to life today: a Distinguished man and a Young girl. We are giving coloured masks as souvenirs," she continued.

Those who came to the Festival will also have photos made in national costumes, "hanbock", which will remind them of the original celebration in the heart of the capital.

"During the reign of the Chuson dynasty, the nobility used to wear expensive hanboks which were made of nettle. Ordinary people could afford hanbocks made from the cloth which was not better than cotton," the volunteer Anastasia introduces the history of the Korean costume. "Today, such a distinction does not exist. Koreans prefer European-style clothing, but on solemn occasions they wear hanboks," she added.

On this day, the breath of Asia was felt in every corner of the Upper City:  original traditions, charming music and, of course, national cuisine. Spicy pickled vegetables, invigorating drinks from ginger and cinnamon, burning meat dishes - all this could be tasted at the food court. And judging by the whole atmosphere, the European stomach relished all these  Asian exotic things.

Artists and dance groups performed on the main stage of the concert hall "Upper City". The program consisted of two blocks. In the first block, traditional music sounded whereas  the second block was dedicated to modern  music. From 15:00 there werere the k-pop teams.

" We have specially come to the Upper City to dance," said teen-age friends Anya and Yana. "We adore the direction of Hallyu and Korean music! This music is energetic, catchy and lights up the dance floor!"

At about 4:20 pm, the special guest of the Festival, the "DoodulSori" group, appeare on the stage. The group presented the audience Samulnori - a musical performance on national percussion instruments.

The Festival lasted till 17:00.

Photo by Sergey Sheleg

News provided by Agency "Minsk-Novosti"


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