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12 September 2019 → More than 300 designers of reconstruction from 8 countries will take part in the festival "Mensk Starazhytny"

About 40 clubs from different countries have been registered to participate in the festival "Mensk Starazhytny" (ancient Minsk). This was reported to the correspondent of the Agency "Minsk-Novosti"  by the Artistic Director of the Festival, Igor Usenko.

"In Minsk, the Festival will bring together not only Belarusian designers of reconstruction, but also our colleagues from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Italy, the USA, and China. All in all 340 designers are to participate in the Festival, however there will be even more. As a rule, people also register themselves just on eve of the event," I. Usenko notes. "We invite only the best reconstructors who have epoch-appropriate costumes, uniforms, and weapons."

Ten centuries of the history of Minsk will be presented at the Festival. There will be camps of clubs involved in the reconstruction of squads from the time of the Polotsk and Minsk Principalities, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the events of 1812, and the First and Second World Wars. There will also be reconstructions of the sites of primitive people of the Late Paleolithic era and the camp of Roman legionnaires.

The program includes the Odin Circle, Loki Circle tournaments, foot and horse knight tournaments, buhurts, storming the castle and theatrical mass battles, demonstrations in two world wars, tournaments of archers, arbalester, spearmen, interactive zones, attractions. On the program there will also be creative groups performing medieval, folk music. The groups "Nyamiga", "Without Panic", "Yavaryna", Pawa, Kas, Fram, Hardwood, Yann Zhanchak will appear on the stage. Those interested can not only join in singing together with the artists, but also dance.

On the site "City of Masters" master classes in blacksmithing, pottery, and weaving will be held. One can observe the work of gunsmiths and jewelers. And of course, purchase souvenirs made using authentic technology. It is planned to establish about 60 trade stalls of artisans! There will be catering points with dishes of Belarusian and Lithuanian cuisine.

Recall, a large-scale holiday of historical reconstruction will take place on September 14 and 15 on a green platform in front of the stele "Minsk Is a Hero City".

Free admission.

News provided by Agency "Minsk-Novosti"


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