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14 October 2019 → Days of Minsk will be held in Shanghai and Beijing

Days of Minsk will be held in Shanghai in November 2019, and in Beijing in 2020. This was announced at a meeting with a delegation of the People’s Political Advisory Council of Beijing by the Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee, Artem TSURAN, the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency correspondent reports.

This year, Minsk will take also part in the 2nd Chinese international exhibition of imported goods and services.

During the conversation, the parties noted that relations between the cities had been developing and had achieved a certain result. At the end of 2018, the trade turnover of Minsk with China amounted to almost $ 2 billion, and compared to 2017, it had increased by almost 20%.

"A large number of investment projects are being implemented in the Belarusian capital, including with the participation of the Chinese side: a residential quarter in the microdistrict "Lebyazhy", and the industrial park "Great Stone". We are interested in attracting investments in the development of city infrastructure and the creation of new high-tech industries. There are 253 companies with Chinese capital in Minsk. We are ready to continue to create conditions for the emergence of joint ventures. The city can serve as a launching pad for partners from the Celestial Empire to expand the geography of deliveries to the countries of the Customs Union and Europe," A. Tsuran noted.

Contacts have been created not only in the economy, but also in other areas: healthcare, education. The Chinese language is taught at 14 Minsk schools and gymnasiums, students regularly participate in contests for knowledge of the Celestial Empire language. And in the Second Beijing Institute of Foreign Languages, a faculty of the Belarusian language and a center for the study of Belarusian culture have been opened.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the People’s Political Advisory Council of Beijing, Nu Jingshan, the capital of China is pursuing an expansion policy in the field of services and this will provide an opportunity to increase cooperation between cities. Therefore, the purpose of this visit is to study the experience of managing a metropolis. The delegation will visit a number of city health facilities and an ambulance substation.

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Currently, Minsk has signed 22 cooperation agreements with the cities of China, three of which are twin cities (Beijing, Changchun, Shenzhen).

Photo by Sergey Lukashov

News provided by Agency "Minsk-Novosti"


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