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8 November 2019 → Moskovsky District of Minsk and Jiading District of Shanghai Sign Cooperation Agreement

The signing ceremony of the Agreement on the establishment of cooperation between the Administration of the Moskovsky District of Minsk and the People’s Government of the Jiadin District of Shanghai took place on November 8. As it was said to the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency correspondent at the Administration of the Moskovsky District, the signing of the corresponding memorandum took place after a meeting of the official delegation of Minsk with the Chairman of the Council of People's Representatives of the Shanghai Jiading District, Xu Maosai.

"The Memorandum on the Establishment of Bilateral Cooperation was signed in order to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between the People’s Republic of China and Belarus," explained Tatyana Kolyadko, Head of the Administration of the Moskovsky District."We are planning to develop ties with our Chinese colleagues in the fields of trade, finance, scientific technology, and to assist enterprises in establishing mutually beneficial economic cooperation. Interaction is also planned in the humanitarian sphere," she continued.

According to T. Kolyadko, the Administration presented to the Chinese side the investment atlas of the district - sites that can be used for building industrial enterprises.

"We have much to offer. First of all, we are interested in foreign economic cooperation," T. Kolyadko emphasized. "In December, we are waiting for the Chinese side to pay a return visit to us. The Chinese partners will be shown investment sites."

According to T. Kolyadko, a joint project with the PRC on the construction of the Zhemchuzhina business center is already being implemented in the District. It will house a hotel, office premises and a center of Chinese medicine.

Recall, the Days of Minsk in Shanghai are held on November 7-9.

News provided by Agency "Minsk-Novosti"


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