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8 November 2019 → The closing ceremony of the Listapad International Film Festival was held in Minsk

The closing ceremony of the XXVI Minsk international film festival "Listapad" was held in the Moskva Cinema on November 8, the "Minsk-Novosti" Agency correspondent reports.

During the week, more than 154 films from 50 countries were shown at the Forum. For the first time there were presented works from Sudan and Senegal.

In the foyer of the cinema, "Belarusfilm" organized an exposition of costumes and posters from famous domestic films: "City of Masters", "Anastasia Slutskaya", "I Come from Childhood", "I Am Francisk Skorina", "Wild Hunt of King Stakh". It was also possible to enjoy coffee in an impromptu bar of the new youth series "Illusions".

During the Festival week, they showed dozens of premiere films (for Belarus), many meetings were held with the authors, discussions. And on November 7, at the Pioner Cinema, the famous Polish Director and jury member of the National Program Krzysztof Zanussi presented his new film "Ether". According to the 80-year-old maestro, his film is a reinterpretation of Goethe's "Faust". This time, Zanussi performed in three roles: screenwriter, director and producer of the film.

"It's nice that the Belarusian audience comes to the shows prepared," said Igor Sukmanov, Director of the Programs of Feature Films, the Film Contest for the Children's and Youth Audiences "Listapadzik". "Films are shown with full house. Spectators do not leave the cinema halls, and we do not have to blush and stay with the creators face to face to discuss the films. It seems to me that in most cases the audience watched the films with bated breath," he added.

The Prize of the President of the Republic of Belarus "For the Preservation and Development of the Traditions of Spirituality in Cinematographic Art" was presented by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Igor Petrishenko. The prize was awarded to Krzysztof Zanussi. The prize of the President of the Republic of Belarus "For Spirituality and Humanism in the Cinema" was awarded to the director from China, Haun Huang, who presented the film "Wushu Orphan".

The special prize of the City Hall was awarded by Artem Tsuran, Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee. The prize was awarded to the film "Father" by directors from Bulgaria Kristina Grozeva and Petar Volchanov.

The special prize of the CIS Executive Committee "Cinema Without Borders" was awarded to the film "Kerosene" by Yusup Razykov.

The special award of the Interstate Television and Radio Company "Mir" "Cinema Language - Language of Understanding" was presented to the Belarusian Viktor Aslyuk for the film "Bypass".

The prizes of audience sympathy were distributed as follows: "Listapadzik" - "Rocca Changes the World" by Katy Benrath, documentary - "Euphoria of Being" by Recca Sabo, feature film - "The Body of God" by Jan Comas.

The prize "For the Best Animated Film" - "Master of Freelance Masters" by Alena Petkevich. The diploma for the best cinematography was awarded to Sasha Kulak for "The Chronicles of Mercury". The prize for the best documentary went to Andrei Kutilo for the film "Summa".

"The shooting of the film took five years, and its finale came to my mind when I was travelling by train and watching the lecture by Krzysztaf Zanusi. Thank you very much!", said the Director.

The prize "For the Best Feature Film" was awarded to the film "Beach / Forest / Tambour" by Kiryll Galitsky and Svetlana Kozlovskaya.

The prize for the best film of "Listapadzik" was awarded to the film "My Incredible Summer with Tess" directed by Stephen Wouterlod (Netherlands, Germany).

The prize of the Guild of Film Connoisseurs and Film Critics of the Belarusian Union of Cinematographers "Salamiany Zubr" (Sraw Bison) "For the Ability to Express the Iinexpressible" was awarded to Andrey Kutilo and his film "Summa". A special diploma of film critics "For the Witty and Accurate Reflection of the Belarusian Identity " went to Director Maxim Shved for the documentary film" Pure Art ".

The FIPRESCI Prize for the Best New Voices Debut was awarded to "Lillian" by Andreas Horvath.

A special jury prize for the main documentary program was awarded to Andrei Kutilo for "Striptease and War".

Grand Prix for the best documentary - "Our Time Machine" went to Director Yang Sun.

The special prize of the jury of the feature films "Youth on the March" - "White on White" went to Theo Kurt. The prize named after film director Viktor Turov "For the best film" was awarded to "Lillian" by Andreas Horvath.

The awards in the main competition of feature films were distributed as follows:

The diploma "For Sincerity in the Interpretation of the Popular Image" was awarded  to Elena Susanina "Kerosene".

The prize for the Best Script went to "Crime Man" by Dmitry Mamulia and Archil Kikodze.

The Jury’s Special Prize was awarded to "The Body of God" by Jan Comas.

The Best Sound and Musical Accompaniment was awarded to "Crime Man".

The Best Male Role went to the actor Levan Gelbakhiani "And Then We Danced."

The Best Actress  - actress Salome Demuria "Inhale-Exhale."

The best Cinematography Work - Kim Hyun-soo "Farewell, My Son."

The prize for Best Director was awarded to The Body of God by Jan Comas.

Grand Prix "Gold of "Listapad" was awarded to the feature film "Atlantis" by Valentin Vasyanovich from Ukraine.

At the end of the ceremony, a closing film was traditionally shown: this year it became the Brazilian melodrama "The Invisible Life of Eurydice" directed by Karim Ainuza.

The information partner of the Festival was the Agency "Minsk-Novosti".

Photo by Irina Malinovskaya

News provided by Agency "Minsk-Novosti"


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