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Full name:   Communal Engineering Unitary Enterprise "Gordorstroy"
Abbreviated name:   State Enterprise "Gordorstroy"

The main objectives of the enterprise are the implementation of the functions of the customer for overhaul, reconstruction and construction of urban facilities, their design.

Within the framework of these objectives, the company carries out the following activities:
  • Planning of the construction, reconstruction and overhaul of the city's road network in Minsk, water management facilities, ritual services and social and cultural purposes, the formation of annual work plans;

  • Guarantee of the preparatory phase of the construction and reconstruction of facilities;

  • Provision of the construction, reconstruction and overhaul facilities with design and estimate documentation;

  • Execution of the customer's functions at the construction, reconstruction and overhaul facilities, implementation of constant technical supervision on them during the construction and installation works;

  • Acceptance of works in accordance with the established procedure;

  • Commissioning of the facilities after their completed construction, reconstruction and major repairs.

Last updated: 15 October 2021
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