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Design and Research Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Minskgrado”
Short name
UE “Minskgrado”

In accordance with the Minsk City Executive Committee decisions of 20.04.1996, No 292 and of 19.12.1996, No 999 the master plan workshop of the State Design Institute “Minskproyekt” was transformed into the Design and Research Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Minskgrado”.

UE “Minskgrado” is a leading organization for urban planning in the territory of Minsk and within the perspective city boundaries, and develops and participates in the implementation of urban policy in the territory of Minsk and Minsk region.

The heads of the enterprise were: A.N. Kolontai (31.05.1997 – 12.03.2004); Y. L. Linevich (12.03.2004 – 25.04.2007)

At present:

the director of the enterprise is PETROV Aleksandr Nikolayevich
Chief engineer NOSEVICH Valery Vladimirovich
Chief architect LINEVICH Yaroslav Lvovich

The structure of the UE “Minskgrado” staff:

  • Administrative staff;
  • Master plan workshop (headed by A.G. Akentiev);
  • Architectural and planning workshop (headed by V.Y. Evseev);
  • Landscape-ecological workshop (headed by L.A. Dobysh);
  • Section of road network and transportation (headed by S.A. Alekseeva);
  • Section of economic feasibility (headed A.V. Kozhenova) ;
  • Section of utility facilities and structures (S.V. Tsylin);
  • General service department (headed by A.G. Surkov). 

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