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Design Communal Unitary Enterprise “Minskproyekt”
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UE “Minskproyekt”

The UE “Minskproyekt” is the largest engineering organization in Belarus which provides the Belarusian capital with complex design and estimate documentation for comprehensive development of the city and its suburbs. The UE “Minskproyekt” also performs the function of the territorial Design Institute for co-ordination and placement of facilities designed by other organizations.

Since its foundation the UE “Minskproyekt” has gone through several stages of its development and reorganization.

In January 1945, soon after the liberation of Minsk, an architectural-planning workshop was created under the chief architect of Minsk.

By the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR of 5 February 1953 the architectural-planning workshop was reorganized into Design Office “Mingorproyekt”.

On 30 April 1959 by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR the Design Office “Mingorproyekt” was renamed the State Design Institute “Mingorproyekt”, and in April 1961 the State Design Institute “Mingorproyekt” was renamed the State Design Institute “Minskproyekt”.

By the Decision of the Minsk City Executive Committee No 327 of 21 April 1997 the State Design Institute “Minskproyekt” was renamed State Enterprise “Institute “Minskproyekt”.

City Executive Committee No 707 of 4 April 2001 the State Enterprise “Institute “Minskproyekt” was renamed Design Communal Unitary Enterprise “Minskproyekt”.

The heads of the enterprise were:

  • E.M. YELISEEV (04.01.1950 - 31.05.1951 г.г.),
  • S.A.PEKARCHIK (31.05.1951 – 05.11.1959 г.г.),
  • N.A.LINEV (13.11.1959 – 26.01.1960 г.г.),
  • I.I.LEVKO (26.01.1960 – 09.12.1966 и 04.03.1975 – 01.03.1981 г.г.),
  • G.A.MADALINSKY (09.12.1966 – 05.03.1975 г.г.),
  • N.T.GORDIENKO (18.02.1981 – 13.01.1986 г.г.),
  • N.A.INCHAKOV ( 13.01.1986 – 20.03.2002 г.г.),
  • V.F.LEUNENKO (06.09.2002 – 08.09.2003 г.г.),
  • I.Y.MILASHEVSKY (08.09.2003 г. – 31.08.2008г.),
  • A.P.YARMOLOVICH (05.01.2009г. по н/в).

The name of the higher authority is the Committee of Architecture and Town Planning of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

Particular attention is paid to the quality of design products. The enterprise has developed, implemented, maintained in working condition and continuously improved the quality management system that meets the requirements of the State Standards of the Republic of Belarus and of the International Organization for Standards 901 - 2001.

The motto of the enterprise: stability, tradition and quality.


Last updated: 15 July 2013
Information provided by: General Directorate of Ideological Work, Culture and Youth Affairs of Minsk City Executive Committee
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