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Unitary Enterprise of Minsk City Executive Committee “Mingorsvet”
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UE “Mingorsvet”

The principle objectives of UE “Mingorsvet” are: maintenance, overhaul and running repairs of outdoor lighting networks, construction of new outdoor lighting networks, production of electrical products, provision of motor transport services to third parties, carrying out of design work, lighting for the city (including execution of works on architectural illumination of facades of buildings).

All work connected with the operation of outdoor lighting of streets is carried out by three electricity supply regions (ESR). Each region includes three administrative districts of the city:

  • ESR No 1 – Zavodskoy, Leninsky, Partisansky districts;
  • ESR No 2 – Oktyabrsky, Moskovsky, Frunzensky districts;
  • ESR No 3 – Sovietsky, Pervomaisky, Tsentralny districts.

Work on the operation of outdoor lighting of schools, preschool establishments, hospitals, out-patient’s clinics as well as lighting and illumination of the city on festive days is carried out by specialized region No 1.

Work on the operation of architectural lighting of buildings and structures, display lighting, illumination of city clocks is carried out by specialized region No 2.

Major repairs and construction of new networks of outdoor lighting, architectural lighting and illumination, etc. are carried out by the electrical equipment mounting unit.

The dispatching office carries work connected with turning on/off lighting in the city from the control panel. It supervises the operation of all the networks of outdoor lighting round the clock and eliminates breakdowns all over the city during the night time. The enterprise has a workshop of electrical products that manufactures metal products (brackets, supports, floor lamp columns, lighting shields, etc.)

As of 01.07.2010 the UE “Mingorsvet” serves 80 000 outdoor lighting fixtures, including 5 487 fixtures with mercury lamps, 68 280 fixtures with sodium lamps, 6198 fixtures with luminescent lamps. It serves 7997 lighting facilities belonging to the district departments of education and healthcare, 24 621 points of architectural lighting of dwelling houses, 785 – architectural lighting of installations. All in all there are 113 368 points of lighting in the city. The length of the lines of lighting in the city equals to 3441.1 kilometers, of which cable lines make up 2697.1 kilometers, the aerial lines make up 744.0 kilometers.

The enterprise has 116 units of motor vehicles and construction equipment. The average number of workers and employees of UE “Mingorsvet” for January – June 2010 made up 452 people. The staff turnover for the 1st half of 2010 equaled to 5.1%. The EU “Mingorsvet” has sufficient experience in organizing and executing the above works, and has established itself on the labor market as technically equipped and mobile enterprise that can ensure operative solution to problems connected with the operation and construction of outdoor lighting networks.

Working hours:
Monday - Thursday: from 8.00 to 17.00
Friday: from 8.00 to 15.45
Break for lunch: from 12.00 to 12.45


  • st. Gurskogo 38, 220015, city Minsk
  • +375 17 2180808, fax: +375 17 2180715
  • info@upmgs.by
Last updated: 3 December 2021
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