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Minsk City Council of Deputies Niezaliežnasci  8
Tel.: +375 17 2180028

The Chairman of Council:
Panasyk Vasiliy Vasilyevich

Minsk City Council is a representative state institution of local governing on the territory of the city of Minsk. Term of Minsk City Council credentials makes 4 years.

In accordance with item 121 of the Constitution of Belarus to the exclusive Minsk city council competence concern:

  • Approve the economic and social development programs, the city budgets and reports on their execution;
  • Fix local taxes and tax collections;
  • Determine the order of the municipal property management and disposal ;
  • Set local referendum;
  • Confirm the candidature of the Chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee assigned by the President of the Republic of Belarus;
  • To elect 8 members of Council of National Assembly of Belarus from Minsk.


  •  Niezaliežnasci 8, 220030, city Minsk
  • +375 17 2180028, +375 17 2180184, fax: +375 17 2180186
Last updated: 24 July 2018
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