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Photo ROMANOVICH  Zhanna  Alexandrovna

ROMANOVICH Zhanna Alexandrovna

Chairman of the Committee
Range of activities

• Realization of state policies to comprehensively address issues of social and labor spheres, including wages, safe working conditions and safety, employment assistance, development of social partnership, public pensions, state social services and social assistance, demographic security;
• Enforcement of legislation on labor, employment and social protection;
• Monitoring, control and analysis of the effectiveness of law enforcement in these areas.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee
Is in charge of issues pertaining to:
• labor, wages, and social and labor relations;
• state examination of working conditions;
• labour protection.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee
PROSKUROVA Natalia Varlenovna

Is in charge of issues pertaining to:
• pensions;
• organization of work of bodies and organizations of social protection and social services;
• rehabilitation of the disabled and elderly people;
• implementation of state policies on women, families and children;
• collaboration with public organizations and veterans with disabled people;
• material and technical base of subordinate social institutions, its maintenance and development;
• construction and maintenance of subordinate social institutions.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee - Head of Employment Department
IKONNIKOV Sergey Igorevich

Is in charge of issues pertaining to:
• employment of the population of Minsk;
• vocational training and vocational guidance of unemployed people;
• establishment of new jobs;
• development of programs, plans, activities on employment.

At present, the structure of the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection of Minsk City Executive Committee includes:

- Department of organizational, analytical and personnel work, which includes:

• Division of organizational and analytical work;
• Division of personnel development, citizens' appeals and record keeping;

- Department of Accounting and Reporting;
- Legal Department;
- Department of Information Technology;
- Department of Labor and Wages;
- Department of the Minsk City State Examination of Working Conditions;
- Department of Labor Protection;
- Department of Social Institutions;
- Pensions Department, which includes:

• Pension Granting and Payment Division;
• Pensions and Benefits Payment Division;

- Department of Social Support, which includes:

• Division for work with veterans, the disabled, the elderly;
• Division of targeted assistance and gender issues;

- Department of Employment, which includes:

• Employment Promotion Division;
• Vocational Training and Vocational Guidance Division;
• Division of labor market and the establishment of new jobs;
• District departments of employment in Minsk.

Last updated: 7 September 2017
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