Survey of the tourist image of Minsk. Survey for visitors

We would like to ask you to take part in the study of the image of Minsk as a tourist destination.

The survey is anonymous. All data will only be used in general form for analytical purposes.

1. How many times have you been to Minsk?

2. What were your reasons for visiting Minsk?

3. Please rank the factors that make Minsk an attractive city to visit, in terms of your priorities (1 – most important for you, 15 - least important for you)

4. What are your 3 favourite places in the city?

5. What do you think is unique about Minsk?

6. Please name three things you associate with Minsk?

7. Please name what you consider three unique sights in Minsk?

8. On a scale from 1 to 5, how would you rate the following statements about Minsk (1 - fully agree, 2 - rather agree, 3 - neutral, 4 - rather disagree, 5 - completely disagree)

8.1. There are few sights in Minsk

8.2. Minsk has a pleasant climate

8.3. There are many interesting festivals, exhibitions, and fairs in Minsk

8.4. Minsk is a city with a special vibe and soul

8.5. There are few museums and galleries in Minsk

8.6. Minsk is a green city

8.7. There are few high-level hotels in Minsk

8.8. There are many opportunities for active recreation in Minsk

8.9. Minsk provides educational opportunities of high quality

8.10. The information for tourists about Minsk is sufficient (in terms of quality and availabilty)

8.11. There are many historical sights in Minsk

8.12. Minsk has a unique architectural style

8.13. There are great shopping opportunities in Minsk

8.14. Minsk is an innovative and technologically advanced city

8.15. There are few entertainment venues and night clubs in Minsk

8.16. There are few good restaurants and bars in Minsk

8.17. Minsk is an industrial city

8.18. Minsk has a well developed and modern transport infrastructure

8.19. Minsk is a safe city

8.20. Minsk is a beautiful city

8.21. Minsk has high quality of life

8.22. Minsk is a convenient city

8.23. Locals are friendly in Minsk

8.24. Minsk is a clean city

8.25. There are few parks in Minsk

8.26. There are few sports events held in Minsk

8.27. There are a lot of highly qualified professionals in Minsk

8.28. There are few shopping malls in Minsk

8.29. Minsk has a favourable climate for business investments

9. Please name 2 key problems of Minsk as a tourist centre?

10. In your opinion, what does Minsk lack?

11. If you come back to Minsk in 5 years, what changes would you like to see in the city?

12. What places in the city are important to keep unchanged?

13. What is the symbol of Minsk for you?

14. Which of the following characteristics are typical of Minsk? (it is possible to choose several answers)

15. What surprised you most about the city?

16. Would you like to visit Minsk again, and why?

17. Would you recommend visiting Minsk to your friends, and why?

18. What country do you live in?

19. Your gender?

20. Age?